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Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Meta Tags, Alt Tags, what do all these things mean? Search Engine Optimization or "SEO" as it is known have terms which can be confusing to people with little search engine optimization experience. Many webmasters assume that submission to search engines is enough to create a basic listing, and that if they build their site and submit it to various engines, people will come. This is not the case. There are preliminaries to optimizing your web site so that once it is submitted to the search engines, you will maximize your listing and generate the most amount of traffic possible.

Some of you have not yet submitted your site, or you have already submitted it to our program and are waiting for your monthly recurring automatic submission. Regardless of this, you should focus on the below techniques to improve your listing. You can do this at any time and once your web page is improved, your traffic will improve.

How search engines work:

Most search engines will list you based on relevancy. Therefore it is very important that you spend time making your web pages more relevant to what you feel users will be searching for. There are very specific tasks you must do in order to make sure your site has greater relevance than most of your competition. If your site becomes relevant enough to a users search you may even be lucky enough to appear in the first top 20 listings of a query.

Tasks to create high visibility:

Title Tag: Your title tag in your HTML is an extremely critical part of your web page. It details to search engines the general point of your page. You should make your title contain phrases or key words that your page is about. When users type in these phrases they are more likely to find your page. We suggest putting 1-3 words or phrases in your Title tag and the text content of your web page should match or contain these key words as well. Dont go overboard though. Just 4 or 5 mentions of each keyword in your web page is usually enough. The more times you repeat a word, the more it can start to hurt your page and work against you as it carries less weight. Too little mention of these words and it will not carry enough importance. Once your title and content match it means your page has vital information on that topic, therefore you will generate more hits to your site because you will be more relevant. You can generate a Title Tag with a Meta Tag code generator.

Meta Tags: META tags are HTML tags that are invisible on the Web page. They are important because search engines read them and use them to rank your site. They contain your Keywords Tag and your Description Tag, among others. Your keywords tag is where you will put key words that you want people to find your site with. Your description should describe your web page content and contain these key words as well. Both of these tags should either match or resemble the Title of your web page. Generate your Meta Tags code here.

Web Design: Please do not forget that once you get traffic you should always make your site easy to navigate, quick to download for all internet users, and keep it simple. You might benefit by putting your email and a clear phone number on your homepage and keep your fonts relatively large so people can clearly and easily read it. These simple adjustments alone can result in an enormous increase in traffic and orders. More good information on this topic can be found here.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization is a complex art form where webmasters "optimize" their pages so that their web site becomes more relevant to user searches. For example, if you want to find a web site about "fishing poles" you will find many sites ranked in order of what a search engine finds important. A site that mentions "fishing poles" in its Title and Description tag will be more relevant than a site that does not mention "fishing poles" anywhere in its Title tag. SEO is the art of making your site seem more important so that you rank higher in these results, and therefore generate more hits and traffic. SEO firms can charge hundreds to thousands of dollars each month to make sure your site is highly visible. When people search for items that your web site might discuss or sell, it can sometimes make or break an online business. Since it is a long term cost effective method of advertising, it usually has a very high Return On Investment (ROI) and the benefits do not disappear once you cease to advertise. You will continue to get traffic over time.
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You can attempt to learn how to optimize your own site by yourself - or you can hire a quality experienced company to optimize your site for you - and keep your visibility very high while you worry about running your business.

If you are looking for a very skilled, reliable, and talented firm to manage your SEO advertising campaign please email us and we will recommend a very trustworthy company.

Please Note: For a serious SEO campaign you will need a minimum of $2500 to start and at least $500 per month for probably up to a year's time to benefit. However SEO is usually far more effective than newspaper advertising which charges about the same minimums. Once you learn to quantify your returns on investment, Search Engine Optimization will most likely become your most effective means of online advertising.

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