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I put your Link in my Web Site, but my submission keeps getting rejected. Why? I clicked the link and it works, it goes to your page.

The instructions on our site make it clear to paste our code exactly as shown with no HTML errors. It does not matter if the link works because the code must match. In addition, please make sure that the web site address you are submitting is the exact address where the banner is found. If you are using a Web Page Editor such as Frontpage, or Dreamweaver, make sure your software is not adding any erroneous HTML tags or corrupting your code after you have saved or uploaded your web page.

If you continue to have problems, you must check and fix your HTML code. It is incorrect and does not match the code that we have provided on our website.

I submitted my site two weeks ago and have had no confirmation yet.

Due to the large volume of requests and customers, it may take up to 2 weeks for us to submit your site as there are others in line waiting to be submitted. We do not personally contact you to inform you that your site has been submitted, although we make best attempts to submit your site every 3 months as indicated.

I submitted my site, how long will it take for me to find my site on the search engines?

Our service submits to many different search engines and directories. Each search engine is different and has it own rules. Some engines take 24 hours, some can take up to 3 months. Some may decide not to list you at all. You can get these answers by going to the website of the search engine you have in question. Many popular engines such as Google and Yahoo! do not even guarantee your site will be listed at all. Hence, the need for us to frequently submit your site to them every few months to assure your site will be listed.

Where do I find my site once it is listed on search engines?

Our service merely submits your site, we cannot guarantee if, when or where your site will appear once it is indexed. The best way to see if your site has been indexed is the to go the search engine in question and type your URL (www.your-site.com) in the search box. If it appears in the search, then you are listed. If it does not appear, then our service will continually attempt to resubmit your site every 3 months. In most cases eventually it will be listed. Please do not resubmit your site at the same time we are, with some engines, it will delay your listing even further.

I noticed that alot of the sites you submit to are listing my website in a business sections. My site is not a business site. Is it possible to get listed in the correct catagory?

Many links pages and directories we submit to have a limited number of categories. Sometimes as few as 5 or 6. Many times your category will not match, making it impossible to customize each submission to meet everyones needs therefore we are forced to default any mismatched category to the first section alphabetically available. Many times this is an auto or business section. You will still be able to later contact these sites individually and resubmit under a more appropriate category as you deem fit.

What email address should I use for submitting my website?

Due to the high number of submissions, many search engines, directories, and links pages will attempt to send you a confirmation email to say that your site has been listed. Therefore, you should choose an email address that you do not mind receiving hundreds of confirmation emails to, as it may flood your box with confirmations. It may be preferred not to use your primary email address.

I am having trouble pasting the code into my HTML page

As a marketing site, we do not have HTML programmers available to help customers place our code of their website. If you are unable to place the code on your site you will need to contact a more proficient website developer to do this properly for you.

My site uses frames. I am having trouble submitting to your service.

If your site uses frames, we will only promote the actual web page where your banner is found. Please resubmit the exact website address or webpage inside your frame where our banner is located.

Occasionally, your banner will not properly display on my website. Why?

Occasionally, due to heavy traffic on our web server, our image may not display. Unless this is a permanent problem, you can ignore this and it will not affect your web site submission.

How can I get a report on the status, details, or success of my submissions?

We currently offer a summary report only to customers that utilize our paid service. However, you can get a good idea of your results by contacting your web host and finding out how you can view your STATS. Your web hosting stats will show referrals coming from many different directories and search engines enabling you to see where visitors are coming from. If your web host has poor stats or no stats at all, may we recommend a good web hosting provider who can provide highly detailed statistics for you ;-)

What if I do not want your service anymore?

Simply send an email to info@metanetpromotions.com with your Name and Website Address, stating that you would like to cancel our service and have removed our link or banner, and we will remove your site from our queue.

I would like to submit more than 1 site. How do I do this?

To submit more than one site, you will need to seperately resubmit each site through the form for as many sites as you own.

I have been accepted to your program, but I was later removed from your program because it could not find the link code. I have not edited the code.

Perhaps your web server was unavailable at the time when our program attempted to check your site. Please check with your host to make sure your site is available at all times. If you find that your website is unavailable at various times may we recommend a more reliable host

My information (such as an address, phone number)has changed. I want to update my profile so that search engines will have the proper information for my next submission cycle. Can I do this?

There will be a $5 fee for every change or updates to your profile. Please send an email to info@metanetpromotions.com with the changes you want to make so that we may update your profile in our database.

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If you have other questions that have not been answered here, you may email us at info@metanetpromotions.com

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