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> Tons of web sites on the Internet exist where you can submit your site to search engines, links pages, or directory services.  Some web sites will submit your site to a dozen or so search engines for free.  Others will charge you hundreds of $$ to submit your site to a few hundred engines.  Metanet Web Promotion offers the LOWEST price on the Internet for this service...

100% Free!

For FREE we will submit and blast your page to over 300 search engines, web site directories, links pages, and more!  You do not have to pay one red cent.  The web contains hit counters, banner exchanges,  email accounts, and web space... all over the place and all for free!  Why should you PAY to get people to find out about your site?
Web site owners dream that thousands of people will see their web site after many long hours spent on creating it.  By now,  you may have already spent all your money on web site hosting, purchasing special HTML software, or maybe you have spent thousands on creating a professional web design . Spending yet more money to have your site promoted is a nightmare! 

Other web promotion companies are charging anywhere from $200 to $2000 to innocent unsuspecting surfers to do the exact same work we can perform for you at NO COST!

Can't I simply submit my website to search engines on my own?

Attempting to manually submit your site to search engines and links pages around the web would take hundreds of hours.  Web site submissions manually can take 10-15 minutes of web work for each site and each page!  We use "search engine approved" automated software to give you the same results a manual submission would with ZERO effort and in a tiny fraction of your precious time. Remember: time is money too!
Why Use Metanet's Free Service?
Aren't there other free search engine submission services?

Metanet was the ORIGINAL company to spawn the idea of free 300+ web site submissions for a reciprocal link.  Our Free promotion idea was created and submitted to the search engines long before any of our competitors began to imitate our idea! (our web creation dates are available on engines such as Altavista)

Consider this: Many companies use automated software that will submit your site to hundreds of links pages which only keep you listed for 2 days! What a scam! After 48 hours or so your links are all gone to make room for new ones! 

And you thought you were getting an effective program for free?

Metanet chooses the sites we submit to carefully and purposefully and we dont submit to hundreds of nonsense sites which list you for simply "a few days" as do our competitors. You WILL get results!

Metanet's Free 300 Submit offer is available to everyone with a web site.  If you can fill out our online form, your site can be visible to millions in as little as 48 hours.  There are no limitations.  All you must do is place a link to us (using a small text link or a banner w/ text) and we will do the work of submitting your web site. 

But you MUST keep our link on your page since we will submit your site bi-monthly to assure your position on the search engines remains STRONG. When we are finished, you may request a report with details on your web site submission.

Companies of any size are welcome to join our program today!

In order for us to submit your site to over 300 engines, you
will need to insert one of the following HTML codes into your web page:

If You'd Like To Use A Text Link:

Paste HTML into web page you are promoting

<a href=""><IMG SRC="minibanner.gif" BORDER=0 ALIGN=bottom></a>

To save, click your 'right' mouse button , choose 'Save Picture As...

If You'd Like To Use A Text Link:

Paste HTML below into web page you are promoting

<a href="">Metanet Web Hosting. Get for only $12.95/month!</a>

Enter your info here:

Your Full Name:
Your Email:
Your URL:

Note: we submit your site only AFTER our link is posted on your web page.

Please make sure to leave our HTML code on your site, so that our program will keep re-submitting your website on a periodic basis!

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